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Welcome to Aurigny Virtual. (Aurigny is pronounced or-EE-nee)

Aurigny Air Services is a small airline that operates out of the Channel Islands. Aurigny Virtual is a simulation of the real world operations, which we try to make as realistic as possible.
Using Microsoft Flight Simulator, and our specially designed Fleet, Aurigny Virtual members fly the Aurigny aircraft on Flight Simulator, mirroring Aurigny's real life operations. Using some extra software, and the online organisation VATSIM, our pilots are able to receive real time realistic air traffic control (ATC) from VATSIM controllers, as well as flying in an environment with other aircraft, from other virtual airlines. This experience is much more realistic than the default FS air traffic control - because the ATC (and other traffic) is controlled by other real people.
All Aurigny Virtual flights are flown online, on VATSIM. Aurigny Virtual is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, whilst being fun at the same time. The fun, however, comes from the realism, and to enjoy Aurigny Virtual pilots need to be willing to learn, because if you are new to flight simulation there is a lot to learn! More information about VATSIM can be found at their website: vatsim.net.

The real world Aurigny Air Services have allowed us to use their name and logo for this Virtual Airline - their input has been vital in the creation of Aurigny Virtual. Special thanks also to Ian Le Moigne (Aurigny Marketing Manager), and Roger Guy (Guernsey Air Traffic Controller), whose help has made Aurigny Virtual so much more realistic than it otherwise would have been.

Fleet & Routes

Because Aurigny is a small airline, we only operate a small number of routes, in line with those operated by the real world Aurigny. Aurigny's fleet currently consists of:

8 Britten-Norman Trislanders
3 Saab 340s
2 Shorts 360s
1 ATR72 (leased from Cimber Air in Denmark for Summer 2003)
1 BAe-146 (leased from Titan for weekends in July-September 2003)

The Trislander is the smallest aircraft, and operates most of the routes, which are short flights around the Channel Islands. The Shorts 360 is operated on these same routes at busier times (such as the Guernsey-Jersey commuter flight in the morning and evening). The Saabs and ATR72 operate Aurigny's longer routes to the UK mainland, with destinations such as East Midlands and London Stansted.

Trislander & Shorts 360 Routes:
Saab 340 Routes:
Guernsey-East Midlands
Guernsey-London Stansted
ATR72 Route:
Guernsey-London Gatwick

In addition to this, aircraft are sometimes chartered. In Summer 2002, the Shorts 360 flew charters to Gloucester, Cambridge, Manston and Bournemouth, which of course were also be simulated by Aurigny Virtual.
You can view current information about our fleet on our 'Fleet' page in 'Flight Ops'.

VATSIM & Flight Assignments

Aurigny Virtual is unlike most virtual airlines in that all flights must be conducted on the VATSIM network. VATSIM is an online network on which real time air traffic control is provided by other VATSIM members. We believe that their service is second to none, and that's why all our flights are on VATSIM. You can find more information about VATSIM on their website: vatsim.net. You must join VATSIM before you can join Aurigny Virtual.
We also operate the flights to a timetable, so you must book your flight and fly it at the scheduled time, as far as practicable. Flights are assigned to pilots, but are assigned on request - so you may choose to fly whichever route you wish. Our timetables are posted in our Flight Ops section of the website.


Aurigny Virtual is a highly realistic virtual airline, and we pride ourselves on having some of the most professional and skilled virtual pilots online. In order to maintain our high standards, all new members must take a short written test before they become fully qualified pilots. Pilots are also practically tested on an ongoing basis during their membership of Aurigny Virtual.
If you're new to all this and it all sounds a bit much, don't worry, there are plenty of helpful members around who will be more than willing to help you out. Our members are available both on our newsgroup and on the TeamSpeak voice system.

Flight Logging and Pilot Hours

Unlike most virtual airlines, your hours are not logged and you are not assigned a pilot number. This is because we believe we do not need either. Many of our pilots fly for more than one virtual airline, and transferring hours would not make sense. We do not offer any hours-based qualifications, and there would be no advantage in keeping track of your hours. We do, however, ask you to file flight reports which we keep on our database.

Joining Aurigny Virtual

If you wish to join Aurigny Virtual, you can do so with the following link. Continue reading for some information and history about the real world Aurigny Air Services.

If you have any questions about Aurigny Virtual, please e-mail and we will be happy to help.
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History of Aurigny Air Services (provided by Aurigny)


Aurigny Air Services has served the Channel Islands since 1968. Its scheduled services between Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney, and to destinations in the UK and Continental Europe, provide a lifeline for the local communities and their thriving business and tourism sectors.
To date, Aurigny has carried more than 8 million passengers. More than 330,000 travelled with the airline in 2000.


The company employs around 220 staff. Approximately half are based in Guernsey, 50 in Jersey and 40 in Alderney, with the remainder in the UK and France.
Aurigny's headquarters are situated close to Guernsey Airport, and house the company's finance, marketing and administration personnel. Freight despatch and delivery is handled in a separate area at the airport, and reservations and operations are based in Alderney.

Expansion of services

In 1999, the company was awarded the license to operate daily scheduled flights from Guernsey to London Stansted and Amsterdam. Both services began operating that summer.
These routes represent vital links for the island, particularly for connections to the City, South of England and onward travel to other European destinations.
In 2000, Aurigny began operating a twice daily, direct service between Guernsey and Manchester. This has greatly improved links to and from the North of England, and provides further through routing opportunities to numerous international destinations.
In April 2001, Aurigny took over the Guernsey to East Midlands route, following the decision by bmi british midland to cease services to and from the island. The daily, direct flights are operated under a code sharing agreement between the two airlines, increasing the ease of onward connections to UK and European destinations.

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The Aurigny Air Services name and logo is the property of Aurigny Air Services Ltd (used with permission). While Aurigny Air Services is pleased to have provided assistance in the development of this project, they accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Up to date information on their schedules and services can be found on their web site - www.aurigny.com.